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A Quick Guide on How to Prepare for Graduation

If you have made it this far and are reading this article, you are just around the corner from graduation. Let me be the first to applaud you on your big success. Congratulations!

While you’re counting down to your Big Day, there are some things you should keep in mind to better prepare. Following is a list of things you can do.


Manage Your Time


Senioritis may not be a medical excuse, but it is real. It is important to keep up motivation, even in the last month of school, because every second counts. What you do now will make your summer and fall that much easier. With motivation, the rest of the items on this list will be easier to do.


Order Your Cap & Gown


Having a cap & gown is a major requirement for any school graduation ceremony. Also, you’ll want something to wear to your special day. Many students enjoy customizing their caps to commemorate this special day. Give yourself time to participate in this tradition!


Keep Your Grades Up


Your grades at the end of your scholastic career are just as important as those in the beginning. Colleges are still watching, and you must finish strong.


Apply for Scholarships and Grants + FAFSA


Bills for college are usually generated during the summer. It’s a huge help to have FAFSA already set up, as your financial aid package can be used towards your upcoming semester bill. Having scholarships and grants lined up in advance will help to keep your bill lower.


 Land A Summer Job & Save, Save, Save!


Having a summer job can be a lifesaver as you head towards college. That money you’re working for will be helpful as you begin your freshman year. There’s so much to adjust to as a college student (classes, social life, etc.) already – money shouldn’t be an added source of stress. It should be an available resource to you when you need it. Save up all those big bucks you earn from your summer job and use them during the fall!


Keep these tips in mind to prepare for your next chapter!



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