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Leading by Faith: Bishop William Dallas III

Bishop William Dallas III, Senior Pastor of Gospel Fellowship Church. Photo Credit Weldon Bond 

On television, evangelist Billy Graham called viewers to come to Christ.

The call was articulate and searing: a relationship with Jesus Christ is the ultimate relationship, and all things are possible through Him. The call grabbed the attention of a young boy from South Philadelphia. Who in front of the warm glow of the television committed.

Bishop William Dallas III was that boy who, at 12 years old, accepted Christ and has been preaching since that moment. Dallas is the senior pastor of Gospel Fellowship Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Each Sunday, he shares a sermon with a rapt audience.

His congregation calls him a true man of GOD who faithfully serves GOD, his congregation, family, and community.

One charge that Dallas takes up is entreating the communities of Harrisburg with the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

“There are advocacy programs, but I am finding out that people need true healing, and that only comes from Christ,” said Dallas, who was ordained at 14 and began preaching immediately.

One idea that Dallas is part of is Pastors United (Taking Our City for Christ). Dallas, with a group of pastors, does community outreach and service through this initiative.

It is his spiritual mission for Dallas, but it is also a way for him to pay it forward, recalling the sacrifices and blessings he received.

The Lord saved him from a whirlwind of consequences and temptations that commonly befell the people in the neighborhoods around him. Everyday temptations included drugs.

If you talk to Bishop Dallas, you may know a bit about his life’s testimonies. One such testimony is his bout with kidney failure.

In November 2013, his primary physician informed him that he was in renal kidney failure. He had no idea.

“I was shocked, but GOD gave me unusual strength (supernatural strength) to deal with the news. This would be my experience throughout my ordeal with kidney problems. While I was going through this issue, I had a personal family crisis and was losing my church building. GOD brought me through all three of these major issues,” recalls Dallas, who would be forced to be on Dialysis for six and a half years, three days a week, from 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

I was at the hospital for five days when I was first diagnosed. I only missed one Sunday. I was back preaching the following Sunday. The Church was shocked to see me back preaching so soon.

It is usual for people to be exhausted after Dialysis and need to rest. I was never tired afterward. I would leave and go all day without rest. Sometimes I would go jogging right after Dialysis. It was also supernatural that I never needed a new fistula (the surgically inserted mechanism used for Dialysis) in six and a half years.

You would not know that I was on Dialysis if I did not tell you GOD gave me grace.”

On May 20, 2020, Dallas’ wife, Black Wall Street PA co-publisher Jennie Jenkins-Dallas, encouraged him to visit Johns Hopkins, despite waiting for Hershey Medical to contact him. He was scheduled for surgery the next month. His surgery was successful, as was his recovery.

“I had a quick and miraculous recovery, even though they stapled my side up. I did not have any pain and did not need any pain medication. The Church prayed specifically that I would not have any pain, and I didn’t.

The day after I had surgery, I started walking. It was a tough surgery. When my wife came to pick me up from the hospital, she was shocked to see how I was moving. She also mentioned that my skin had become brighter,” Dallas said. “My daughter Lhayanna thought they would have to bring a bed downstairs for me when I got home from the hospital. She was surprised that I could walk the steps with ease. It has been two years, and all my lab work is good. I exercise three to five days a week. To GOD be the glory!”

Dallas is also a proud girl dad. He has three daughters, Lhayana (as mentioned above), Latoya, and Lhayelle. He is also proud of his wife. His family is the most important part of his earthly life, and they help support him as he carries out the will and mission of GOD.

NOTE: Bishop William Dallas III is the business manager of Black Wall Street PA, the husband to co-publisher Jennie Jenkins-Dallas, and the father of co-publisher Lhayanna Dallas. It’s a family affair to inspire our community by highlighting successful people.


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