Black Wall Street PA

Letter From The Publisher

Harrisburg, Pa

“If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased.” 

—Maya Angelou 

Letter from Editor

Immortality has been one of the greatest explorations for centuries—to achieve preservation and everlasting life. Whether we fulfill that human desire may forever be a mystery, but what’s for certain is immortality through legacy. We are the authors of our stories— creating a legacy is how we control the narrative.

Legacy is frequently associated with death, so we rush to connect with our true purpose because we want to leave a meaningful impact on the world. But legacy represents life, the efforts to create something greater than ourselves that is forever celebrated and beneficial to future generations. No matter how small or vast your contribution may be, it could have an immeasurable impact on the world through the lives of those we’ve touched. We interconnect with those before us and those who come after us.

In any case, the simple interactions or the immense gestures that affect the lives of many around the world become the building blocks of our legacy.

As humans, we are merely stewards of this world; it is our responsibility to lead by example, starting with our families. We cannot accomplish immortality through legacy without positively impacting our families first—it is through them, we transcend beyond mortality. Sharing our experiences and wisdom with our families is a priority. So, they, too, will aspire to leave their mark on the world and carry our legacy with them.

Black Wall Street PA will continue to hold the pedestal the Black Community needs and place on it— those who are doing good work and making a lasting contribution to this world, here, in our city—Harrisburg.

Lhayanna Dallas



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